Monday, September 26, 2011

Angelic Ministries (shared from "A Season of Harvest")

I read this blog a couple days ago, and it moved me to empty my house of all the unnecessary clutter that I keep
"to use someday", and give it to the people who surround me who truly do need it!

A Season of Harvest by Sheila Atchley is a stunning blog of thoughtful wisdom. I hope that you will read this post!

A Season of Harvest: Ministry That Mends - Angelic Ministries of Knoxvi...: It started out a rainy, dreary Wednesday today. I awoke to a crick in my neck, and a steady drizzle outside my window, and got my day starte...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jonathan Howe

A short message from my husband Jonathan Howe, regarding his new painting:

"One Step Away" - 24x30" - Oil on Canvas. I grew up with a beautiful creek running through our back yard. My summers were spent in that creek. A creek provides infinite fun for the imaginative child. My brother and I would catch snapping turtles and crawdads, build dams and bridges and hide in waiting as in a cool wet dugout for imaginary nazi soldiers to fall into our trap. While this new painting depicts a somewhat more picturesque mountain stream in the Smokies, it brings back memories of my childhood backyard escape.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photography Day Trip

Hello friends,

It's been a busy life in the Howe home, running around, hosting "Fashion Extravaganza" parties for teenage girls, taking the boys on hikes, a couple shows, just a multitude of things which can consume your time and mental space, pulling it away from my social life online. But life is good, God is good, and I am thankful!

The weather is cooling down, it's almost fall. I have been looking back at this year, and so far, have very little to complain about... And yet... foolish me, it seems I have complained too much. It is unfortunate that this world always has your flesh crying out for more... And you neglect to see the beautiful things God has blessed you with.

This is why I am falling in love with photography, it forces you to seek the beautiful things WHERE you are at.... And if you aren't surrounded by something beautiful, it makes you go somewhere else to find it. You see the world, your home, the meal you just made, or the "everyday item" in a totally new light.

I love learning the "art" of capturing the beauty in EVERYTHING

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