Monday, November 7, 2011

A Shoe Redo

Now, I just LOVE my puppy Amber, my 7 pound, little, cuddly, Maltipoo. However, on days like the one last week, after finding she had chewed the bow off of my only brown flats, I was NOT happy!  BUT, the results of my Shoe Redo, I am VERY happy with.

Here's my Shoe Redo Story:
This was a skirt I had laying around, LOVED the fabric, but it unfortunately didn't fit. So, I used it for my shoes!

My poor, poor little chewed up shoe.

So, I made some flowers, and patches to cover the flaws on my shoes and attached them with fabric glue. And here are the final results:

The front

The back

Took an hour of my time, and no out of pocket cost for a "new" pair of cute, trendy shoes!


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