About me

      I am a 23 year old pastors kid, born and raised in Tennessee. I was married to the talented, and godly Jonathan Howe on March 20th, 2010. We have our little puppy, miss Amber Marie Howe. She is the sweetest baby, a little Maltipoo. I have become a puppy lover, and it's all the result of this little girl!
    We are watching the heritage of two godly families begin to develop and bear fruit in us. And entering into a season of new ideas, developing a business in art, living and working at home. Surrounding ourselves with God's beauty.

A Statement from my husband, Artist Jonathan Howe:

"I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of each human face 
and the story it tells. The work of portraiture is never dull and each blank 
canvas is the opportunity for adventure and challenge---the challenge to 
freeze time, yet show personality and a glimpse into a person's world using
color, light and texture. I feel as though I am just beginning to understand 
the full spectrum and depth of colors and the possibilities they hold. This 
desire to understand color and light is parallel to my desire to know the very 
One who created light and color and beauty. Thus I seek to give Jesus the 
honor and glory in the art that He lets me create. I believe that drawing and 
painting with excellence and beauty is part of magnifying His work in creation."


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