Friday, January 13, 2012

Painting from Life

My husband got the itch the other day, to move out of his studio and find a place to paint outdoors. It's been a cold week, so of course I let him go alone. 

About 5 minutes from the house is an old farm house which sit next door to some train tracks. It's a beautiful piece of property. One I have always enjoyed driving by. This is where Jonathan set up his mini-out-of-car-studio.

I was so happy he documented this time with photos. He doesn't do this often enough. But it is so fun to see the real process of art, and to know from WHERE each painting actually came.

Here's the artist's messy mobile studio. With his bottomless coffee mug. The man has become addicted to coffee! This is no thanks to my father who eagerly eggs it on with new brands and forms of brewing. 
Coffee snobs *cough* *cough*

Here it is!!! Nearly finished, minus the artists' signature.

Now, you know where it came from. It's the real deal. It captures the essence of the place where he stood, in the way only paint can. 


  1. Just beautiful, your husband really captured this scene.

  2. Thank you very much my friend! I appreciate the praises. I hope you are blessed this day.


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