Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching up from a LONG silence

Forgive the long intermission from posts, without many complaints spoken today let me just say Google and domain names shouldn't go together. Needless to say after much "sweat and tears" I am happy to at least be back online as www.jonathanhowefineart.blogspot.com.

MANY things have happened during the course of these last 2 months. Things I would have shared with you, my friends if I could have.

Firstly, Jonathan and I are now going to be parents! Boy or girl we do not know yet, the baby is officially 12 weeks. It was a surprise to us, but we are very excited that the Lord has seen fit to add to the Howe household. And now what an adventure it will be to raise a FAMILY in an artistic atmosphere.

We're running the list of names, debating over which ones have the most powerful meanings behind them. Decisions have yet to be made if it's a boy, but if it's a girl the verdict has almost been reached.

We have had a couple shows since my last post.  Artscalamation 2011  and  Knoxville Unites 11.11.11
Both went which wonderfully!

At Artsclamation, Jonathan was voted "Featured Artist" for next year, the vote was unanimous, or so we were told, so his art will be featured on all their advertising and he will have twice the booth space as other artists there. God's favor was abundant on that show, this was obvious to us and to the others watching.

Knoxville Unites was our first self-hosted fundraiser event. All for the benefit of Angelic Ministries , a wonderful non-profit, ministry devoted to restoring the lives of families here in Tennessee. We were blessed to have so many people come out and support this cause. And raised generous funds to begin to  chip away at the cost of renovating their building used to feed and minister to those in need.

All this before the end of 2011. And now, a new year has begun. What the Lord holds for 2012 I don't know, but I am excited to see.

Hope all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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  2. Trying again.... : ) SQUEAL!! : ) So very happy for you and Jonathan!


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