Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Water

There's something about the water that immediately causes a tired soul to rest. Something about the rhythm of the waves, the light that reflects off the water, it is always moving, and yet so still.

Something about the silence, the murmuring of the trees, and the gentle lapse of the water against the shore.

At this very moment, it is providing a life source to plants, animals, people, and yet, you think that it is all your own, that this moment was meant for you and you only.

And it is all your own.

It is your silence, your spot of tranquility, your escape. This is your water.

Your time to remove yourself from a modern age, and go back to the simple pleasures of being... you... nothing more... nothing less.

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  1. Well said, beautiful and perfect words. I love this short but very meaningful post.


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