Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well!!!  I beautiful landscape on the way. Here is your sneak peak at Monday and Tuesdays process:

Monday, just a simple outline in drawn. I love to come home at the end of that day and see canvases drawn off.... just to wonder what he sees in them! But boy! They sure are intriguing.

.....................Give it one day and you begin to see it develop into something:

Isn't it wonderful! One day and then this. I am particularly impressed however, with my little "Indiana Jones Artist". He goes in his studio every morning, after spending time with the Lord, turns up his worship music, puts on his "man" hat, his one "Michael Jackson" rubber glove, and goes at it!!!
Artists MUST have quirky routines you know!

The finished product is soon to come!


  1. WOW! Sarah, what a beautiful painting in the making your Jonathan is creating! Thanks for the 'sneak peak'!!


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