Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello Friends, ashamedly I must admit, that is has been a tremendous amount of time pass since I have written. We celebrate Holiday events with four groups during this time of year: My family, Jonathan's family, the college group in our church, and the youth group. As well as, in December, Jonathan and I have more shows, and events to display his art, than usual. So yes, we wake up early, stay up late, and still have more to do! But it is a fun, festive, exciting season!
I have decorated our first Christmas tree, and our home has a steady stream of Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, and the musical wonder: James Taylor.  I have finally had a moment to breath and think.... (home sick)... this is what happens when you wear yourself down, so ladies take note!! During the Holiday season it is utmost importance to SLOW down, and RELAX, enjoy Thanksgiving, enjoy Christmas, this will keep you in better spirits, and in better health! Take time to rest, and enjoy every moment, to that in looking back, you can see memories, and not a hurried blur with illness mixed in.
Anyway, my hubby has been working diligently in the studio, painting to his hears content.... and more! He has been experimenting with his landscape styles, and I must say they are coming forth beautifully!
Come and take a look:


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