Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things to be Thankful For

A small bit about my life!  I have a twin sister, and two younger brothers, I have grown up surrounded by my Grandparents, aunts and uncles. Family means a lot to us, in fact, it's that special group of people that will ALWAYS remain tied to you. This Thanksgiving, I will, like every year, unite with my family to share in a meal. But this year will be a little different! I will be adding my dearest friend and companion, my husband. This makes Thanksgiving all the more reason to be thankful! Also, we will be missing my brother Josiah's company, since he is in training to be a US Marine. Something to be proud of for sure, but he will be profoundly missed.
I have been looking back at my life, and seen, that my family has never been found begging bread. Every hard time, God has seen  us through to the end. We have never been faced with hard situations that God hasn't extended his grace towards us and seen it to it's end. We have been blessed!

Meet my  family!

My Father- Tim Atchley

My Mother- Sheila Atchley

My wonderful grandparents, who make an effort to see me EVERY week! I love them.

My cousin Erica, we grew up together, sisters are more like it!

Me and my sister Hannah [a couple years ago]

My uncle Bill and Aunt Lynn [a source of strong support to us]

Jonathan and my little brother Isaac

Me and my brother [future Marine] Josiah

of course my hubby and I!

Granddaddy with my Uncle Matthew

#24 Future NBA star, Isaac Atchley


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