Monday, November 1, 2010

Roan Mountain

Apologies for my lack of posts this past week! I suppose you could say I've been on a "blog-cation". But I have been silently, intermittently exploring the blog world, enjoying others fascinating lives, and skilled writing.
I love the scope and effect that blogging has had on the world. It has in essence, replaced the magazines.

Saturday before last, Jonathan and I left for the weekend to "fill" our creative tanks. His mother, Amy invited us to Roan Mountain, for a lovely fall hike. 14 miles through tall mountains [I can't honestly call them hills, they weren't, and this is unlike what I was used to hiking!], and then submerging down into a  sea of yellow, golds, and reds. It was a lovely hike, a majestic hike, and I lost my husband for moments as he was swept into the artist's world of potential paintings. 14 miles, many sore muscles, and several hours later, we came home with hundreds of photos he could work from.

And we would have a painting or two to show you from the week, if we weren't busy preparing for a show in Tomato Head [ ]. Tomato Head is a fun, urban, restaurant in the heart of down town Knoxville. And attracts the masses because of the eclectic atmosphere. His art will be up there for the month of November, and then will move to one in Maryville for all of December. So, we have been framing, painting, organizing, and happily compiling a show full of his wonderful variety, from portraits, to still life's, to landscapes.

Here are some pictures from our lovely hike! Enjoy!

This is most of the group minus my hubby! My mother-in-law Amy, Father-in-law Tom, Josh and Emily, and little Whitley tagging along on daddy's shoulders!

Ain't he cute?!

Sorry ladies! No makeup, No hair-do, I wasn't ready to face hikers ridicule!

one of our mountains, perhaps you can see the people in the background halfway up the mountain

Walking along the high grassy knolls were my favorite parts

This older man, we met on the mountain! He lives at the bottom, and has hiked these trails for many, many years. It's so much fun to meet and hear the stories from the people on these trails

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