Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Call to the Interior Designer

Attention All Designers!!!

What is our current business venture? To pursue the interior design industry. Why? Because for those who are specifically pursuing a new home design, true art is a priceless addition. And it is highly sought after as well! Here in Tennessee, there aren't many artists who's work show so much detail. The unfortunate truth is: MOST "original" paintings are by the hands of SOMEONE in China... no one knows who... no one knows their story... no one knows what inspired them. MUCH LESS will they ever meet or have the opportunity to speak with the mystery artist.

The wonderful reality of a true art investment from an American artist, and from Jonathan in particular, is HE HAS  a story... well not A story, but STORIES. Every painting has a story, and an inspiration, every painting has a purpose. This is what people are looking for: DEPTH. A reason to pursue real art. Stories hanging within their homes, lining their walls, penetrating their lives. Sadly, not many "China" paintings will offer such intimacy. And it definitely doesn't offer any real reason to treasure the painting they've spent so much money on. Jonathan's art gives pride to the owner.
Art is a heritage, to be passed down.
A designer who offers that with their work is a priceless investment, and a high commodity.

Jonathan and I are not designers. We cannot do produce the full effect of such beauty. It is up to the GIFTED, and we want to be your resource.

Come and visit the website, and then lets talk!


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