Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Process Day #2

Good morning!  Jonathan's already been working away in the studio.  Something about "new subject matter" really excites him... So he wakes up to paint!

Here he is in process, this was yesterdays preparation:

He's "drawn off" his canvas, laid out the size and placement, this is his first step with the canvas.
Then it's time to begin to paint away!

It's blurred on purpose!  Can't give away any more details, then this! You will have to wait until it's finished.
 This is just part of the first layer... This painting will go through several layers before it is complete.

Here he is today working some more on the first layer:

I have made most of it black and white, but there's a little more to keep you interested.  Stay in touch... There's much more to come!


  1. Hiya! Thanks for following, following you back now :) Love the paintings, they are stunning! Look forward to reading and seeing a lot more x

  2. I'm following you now! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And you're right, the house reminds me of Willy Wonka too! The shapes and the colors...and I'm thinking the fact that the owner was a little crazy is also similar to Mr. Willy Wonka himself! :)

    You take wonderful photographs and your husband is really talented. Can't wait to read and see more!


  3. Following. That looks like fun...but I bet there is some work to it too.

    Simple Wyrdings


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