Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Did It!

You know we all have those weeks where you begin to pull your hair out, and find a way to beat it's memories out of your brain? That was my week last week. But even in looking back, after feeling heavy of heart for the longest time, after my little "storm", I can now see clearly that it wasn't all that bad!

Monday last, Jonathan and I drove up to Alabama (I can see you're already thinking "oh-no!") to visit his grandparents. Two lovely, wonderful people. They have the gift of making you feel so welcomed. We spent Monday, through Tuesday afternoon, and left later with a HUGE aluminum boat of the top of his grandfathers old van. He was letting us borrow the van to haul the boat home.
A little over 100 miles out on our journey home (in Chattanooga),  the vans transmission went out... on the interstate... during rush hour. We were stuck in Chattanooga for four hours trying to transfer the heavy boat to our car to get home. We almost got a hotel that night, because all the mechanics were closed, but we were thankfully pressed to move on and go home, this made possible by Granddad who offered to pick the van up. We drove through rain the remaining 3 hours home, to a tree that fell across our yard! LOL So we stayed with my parents Tuesday night, cut down the tree Wednesday (many thank to my father-in-law Tom who beasted it with the chainsaw!), just in time for the nasty, heavy, string of storms to hit.

I thought to myself.... could this week get any worse?!  Well, after a couple more events through the week (which I won't bore you with further details), I was OVER it!

I began to look back through the weeks events (ready to complain some more), and realized:

I had the most delicious Pecan Pie, the biggest breakfast, and the funnest time of fellowship with my grandmother and my grandfather (in-law). We caught up, and enjoyed our time thoroughly.  We left for Alabama, the evening before the tree fell, and it fell exactly where we park our car!  We would've lost the only car we have. THEN we were able to drive home Tuesday instead of Wednesday, which, enabled us to miss all the Tornadoes. WOW! So somehow, through "disastrous" events, God was protecting us from disaster! I also have an amazing father-in-law who will bend over backwards to help us out when we need it. Who will cut down a tree in our front yard to keep it from doing more damage, WHILE IT'S RAINING.  And then Saturday.....

 We got to enjoy our blessings.
 We soaked up the sun...

 Enjoyed the views....

And allowed the Lord to reveal his sovereignty to my heart... It really wasn't all that bad... In fact, Jesus saved us this week from what could have been really bad.

My prayers go out to those who were truly impacted by the storms...

God is good, all the time!


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  2. Looks like a fun adventure! now following you. It's my first time to join. Here is my entry. See you!

  3. Glad you took the time to visit your grandparents.I wish mine were close enough to visit. Love your line about the Lord. Blessings, Debbie

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment and I am so glad you are a new follower. Once we hit 50 we will be doing a give-away. don't forget to check back for that. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Love this post! Way to recognize how truly blessed we all are. thanks for the great perspective! Love you much!

  6. Thanks for visiting me and what a great post. Perspective always does wonders and I am so glad your car missed the tree!

    The Farm Girl

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  8. Glad you missed the horrible weather we had. I work in Chattanooga and live in Ringgold.

    All week I've been thinking about how blessed we
    were last week, the tornado was about 2 miles from my house.

  9. I am a new follower. I hope that you'll swing by and check out my blog too. Have a great weekend!

    PS Mom Reviews


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