Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Reflections

Well, I started posts a while back of a painting in progress. Yes, the artist is finally finished!  It has been a long anticipated, well drawn out process, but it is stunning, and well worth the wait!

If you remember we started with this:
 The blank canvas
An Idea
 The beginnings of creation

 A hint

And then.........................................

"Art Reflecting Art"- a 30"x30" Jonathan Howe Original! Isn't it lovely, and so unique? I can be guaranteed that NO ONE ELSE has seen a painting quite like this.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks, and the finished work!


  1. Oh wow... that is beautiful! I love seeing the progress of this piece! :)

  2. I agree the painting is lovely and unique. Added to it that I find is so soothing and relaxing to the eyes.


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