Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hither to and Yon

My dear friends. I fear I owe you all a much deserved apology for my long absence! I spoke boldly to a friend a few weeks back that I would be posting soon, and unfortunately, this has not been the case.
I hope that I might find some sympathy and understanding after I explain what our busy lives have been involved in these past few weeks. We have had a month of shows, spent time planning for a camping trip, and returned only a little while ago.
Camping trips might seem no big deal, but truly, when you are taking 19 teenagers to camp in tents, it is a work of love! We richly enjoyed ourselves, and the fellowship we had with the teens we love so much.

Anyway, we are home, recovered, and now preparing to leave for the Dominican Republic with a few of our youth again in July! Time has flown, and caught me by surprise.

During our short time home however, I have been focusing on simplifying my home, and organizing my life, so that I can better, more effectively support and serve Jonathan through our business. (When I have accomplished even a portion of my goals I will be happy to share them ;). Today, as I was "decluttering", I was sweetly distracted by Jonathan's old stash of sketchbooks, all hidden away in a tub in a closet. I pulled them out, and found so many little treasures. Some he drew 10-11 years ago!

I just LOVE birds, I have some hand-carved, vintage frames scoped out for these beauties!

He has such natural talent. He sees an interesting character, a photo, someone on TV, etc... And for pleasure draws something this beautiful! This truly was such a fun stash of drawings to dig through.

Some of you are probably wondering what happened to our mystery "painting in progress", well Mr. Artist has finally decided to call it done, and signed it yesterday. You will be seeing it very soon!


  1. Sarah, you need to watermark each picture you present to us to see, or someone is going to copy them & lay claim to credits.

    His work is breathtaking & he is one fabulous artist. Keep him safe when you display them anywhere on the internet/bloggyville or anywehre else.

    Glad you had a lovely trip.
    Have a great holiday weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Thank you for that advise! It is wisdom. I will begin my research and start doing it!

  3. Thank you, sweetie.
    Have a lovely & safe holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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