Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blackberry Farm

If you haven't heard of Blackberry farm, it won't take too long until you do. One of the most well-known mountain resorts, which easily run you over $1000 a night. And you will see why when you visit their incredible property, luxuriously designed rooms, and taste their gourmet meals.

What few people know is, Blackberry Farms official photographer- Beal-Thomas photography were Jonathan's employers during his internship at Maryville College. And he continues to do as-needed photography work with them. He has photographed multi-million dollar weddings there before. Stunning work!

My first taste of the "high-life", I drove up to this multi-million dollar farm property, in my old, dirty, overheated Pontiac to drop my husband off. He had two days to drive the property and photograph the biking trip of two well known bikers: Robbie Ventura and George Hencapie, two Tour De France competitors, who were staying to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

I dropped Jonathan off, and then I would return to pick him up. The driveway is as far as I was allowed to go, but I can say I've been there! I didn't feel put out not being able to join him there. Nor did it make me feel less important, instead, i was SO proud to have a talented husband, and to be able to be a support.

I was his "mobilization"--- "I love you, have fun, do good, and I will see you soon!"--- Then I drive away into the distance, as he jumps into the Mercedes cars and does what he loves to do. He leaves with my support, and returns with my adoration. We come home together fully satisfied, to our warm, little home, decorated by a budget, to a crowd of young people gathered to learn from us in the evenings. I would take that over Blackberry Farms any day! (Doesn't mean a night there wouldn't be dreamy!)

If you ever get the chance, make some memories in the Smokies! And visit this exquisite resort.

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