Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smart Cleaning

Hello to a beautiful Tuesday! I always enjoy Tuesdays, because it is then, no longer a Monday. It seems to me that I allow a weeks worth of woes to fall all at once onto my Mondays, and I find myself sifting through the list of to-dos, and forcing myself to spread them out into a feasible schedule.

Today I could wake up leisurely, take a morning stroll in the neighborhood (which I must boast, has the most beautiful fall colors in the city thus far), and continue calmly with the rest of the days chores.

Laundry, dishes, computer work, errands, all these things are so much more enjoyable when you have made time for it, instead of rushing back and forth an a confused effort to conquer all, and then finding you've created a monster which is taking over your home.... and yourself!

Don't be grumpy ladies!!!  My mother dedicated an substantial portion of my studies into how to manage time in the home, and, with all my studies, I have found that I am the queen of "learning as I go".  Doesn't matter how much you've learned, you still have to develop your own time management (however, what she taught me has been priceless).

Mondays are my "de-scramble" my mind and organize days. I usually start my mountain of laundry, which kindly lasts me all through the week. On top of that, I look at the weeks agenda, see what in necessary to make it happen, and schedule my time accordingly. My aunt shared her business secret of leaving Mondays to plan and organize, and Fridays to tie up loose ends, I have found this advice to be priceless!

Tuesdays- Thursdays can change, but consist of the same basic principles. Daily chores, and then the unique weekly tasks are divided amongst them according to which days I have the most time available to me.

But my favorite daily activity: BRAIN activity! I LOVE to be creative, to work with  my hands, and to experiment. I make time almost daily to exercise my need for creative, constructive time, by either trying something new, or working on a project I am familiar with.... Whichever suits my fancy in the moment!

So far I am learning to do stained glass (working on a window project now), I am learning to crochet ( on my second "fancy" scarf), I am making jewelry, sowing, decorating, spending time outdoors in my yard, gardening, playing my guitar, photography, cooking something new, and the list goes on!

This is the blessing of having a husband who is motivated by creativity also, and keeps it as a priority. It feeds the need for accomplishment, and fuels your creativity.

Enjoy your Tuesday! And find some "creativity" time!

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