Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Busy Week

Many busy days are ahead! I have meetings with interior designers who want to use Jonathan's artwork for their designs. I have meetings with other interior design stores, all showing interest in Jonathan's work. I am believing God for abundant favor.
My walls are filled with art, all for sale, all beautiful, and though I wish I could keep them all, the fun thing is in a little while I will have all new works of art hanging in my home. It sure keeps a girl busy, when it requires a room to suite a painting! ;)

On top of all these meetings, we have the pleasure of hosting a good friend from California for the next few days. So please forgive me if there is a lack of posts this week, rest assured I will have plenty to share later!

(This week I am finally making glutton-free "Spaghetti Squash" something I have been DYING to try, I will share my results with you later.)


  1. That sounds like a great way to have a busy week! How wonderful! Look forward to hearing about the spaghetti squash. :)

  2. Gorgeous paintings!
    Hiya I'm a new follower from the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop. I would love it if you would stop by A Little of This and a Little of That and follow back. I hope you have a fabulous week.

  3. Great paintings! I'd love it if you'd link these up to our Wicked Awesome Wed blog party.

  4. beautiful artworks!

    i'm your newest follower from the Bloggers Party and Hop at TypeAdecorating.

    Susan at

  5. Another set of wonderful paintings! How I wish I could also live in a home surrounded with all those paintings! Have a great week ahead!

  6. Beautiful art, I am visiting from the blog hop. I am youir newest follower. Stop by and visit.

  7. Thanks to all who stop by and say hello! I will be visiting all of you today, looking forward to meeting you!


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