Monday, April 4, 2011

MOOD Mondays

Today has been "one of those days" for me... You know, the kind of day where you open the windows, crank up the music, ignore the rain, and MAKE yourself happy and thankful. It is truly humbling when you see your immaturity crop up so many time within a 12 hour period, the kind of immaturity that says "Woe is me" even though I have a mighty God moving on my behalf. I have to ask myself WHO is my God? And adjust my emotions, and my flesh to fit with my faith... Too bad the flesh HATES faith so much.

Anyway, enough about my silly attitude adjustments, my Monday was spent re-creating a couple rooms in my house, so tomorrow I will have some before and afters!!!

But until then, here's a new painting I now have hanging on my wall!

It's a nice, misty, peaceful kind of scene. I could see myself standing there under the trees just solemnly soaking in the view. It's amazing how, we stand out in a rainy day, and complain about what an "ugly" day it is... But if you step back and really take in the view, it's a very stunning, joyful scene!

(PS.) it's another $200+ custom frame I go for a STEAL. *proud grin*

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