Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoy a Rainy Day!

Today was a blissfully slow day. The minutes crept by softly, gently, all at their leisure, and the wonderful thing about this was: I could relish every moment! So much of our time is consumed so quickly, before we know it, we’re rushing to make ends meet, so we can lay our heads down for a rushed sleep, and repeat the process the next day. But today, aaahhhh, today was a SLOW day! I woke up and leisurely [though not without some hint of guilt] made my way to the kitchen to cook Jonathan’s breakfast [Lord knows that an artists’ brain MUST BE FED!]. Yummy, fresh hashbrowns, orange juice, applesauce, and Amber begging to sample taste! We talked over breakfast, and my senses began to rush with a list of things to do. I got up, ran to my “office chair”, and then… It rained. Rain has a way of calming my nerves. It has a way of settling things that seem to be drifting. So, I settled in, and read for a little while then I went to work. And each time I looked up at the clock, I found it was offering even more time to enjoy myself. Yes, I am now in that season! I enjoy every moment I invest in work at home.
                It is an envied pleasure, to work at something you love. One I envied in many people. But now, I am finding myself favored of the Lord, and enjoying every moment!

This painting by Jonathan just screams to me of a delicious, rainy day!


  1. I might not look at a rainy day the same again...(you know how they affect

    Hope to enjoy a cloudy rainy day like my daughter some day.

  2. Sarah, glad you enjoyed the day.. Lovely post.


  3. Sarah, glad you enjoyed the day.. Lovely post.



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