Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today was a very interesting turn of events. In the process of typing my blog for the day, sirens began to sound, and looking out the window, smoke permeated the neighborhood where I live. Jonathan and I walked down the street to find a home in smolders, fire extruding from the roof. It was a sad sight to see a neighbors home destroyed to fire.
After all of that, if was hard to refocus for the day. But now, that the fire trucks, and the media drama has all passed, I can share with you the day, up to that point!

My "office chair"

This is where you will find me, when I am at my computer. Why choose a stuffy desk and chair when you can have the option of working in comfort?  I sit here with my little puppy Amber at my side and... well... in part, I share with you all!

Here is Jonathan at work on his latest piece of beauty!

A far from professional shot of the "big picture" the messy artists lair!

Jonathan's paint table, and another treasure stowed away hidden from the publics eyes
yet another hidden treasure... Open the laundry area, and you'll find this! Waiting to be given a home.

His "free-time" pleasure paint. Hmmm wonder who that is?! :)

And last but not least...................................

Amber says hi! And thanks for stopping in. Please come visit again, as I love to have people to play with!


  1. this is awesome! i love his hat :) i wish i lived closer again so i could come and visit you guys!
    -David Knapp

  2. You don't live too far!!! Come and visit anytime. Thanks David

  3. Did you take all of those pictures Sarah? They were good :)

  4. Thank you, Sarah. I enjoyed the visit and the coffee was great!

  5. This is crazy but I was just missing you so I was looking through your blogs and wanting to see a piece of your life, since I am not there to "enjoy" you. I saw the chair and started to cry. It tied me to you even more than I had thought I would connect. Thanks for a moment of connecting. That's what these sights are for right? Love you! Kristen

  6. Kristen!!! I am SOO happy to hear from you. It's CRAZY last night a 1:30am I was up, and I was looking at the furniture myself, thinking of you guys,and what a blessing you are, and how blessed I am. You have NO idea what a blessing you two, and that furniture has been. You were in my prayers... I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday night, when I saw that furniture, God corrected me, and reminded me of His goodness!

  7. this is awesome! i love his hat :) i wish i lived closer again so i could come and visit you guys!
    -David Knapp


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