Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is Art?

What is art? To me, it is the personal, visual expression of what is in ones heart, and mind. It is a  beautiful, timeless expression of history, history of the times, and of the person. Art isn't a pricey framed picture to be hung on a wall, but an expression and a testimony of your heart and desires. True art will express something deeper, something more beautiful. More than a simple picture, it's another world to enter into within your dreams.

Look at historys treasured artists, Monet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh,... What captures the attention of the artist's admirers? Why Picasso?

You have the mystical, intriguing portraits of Rembrandt, as well as his incredibly inspired biblical portrayals, for those who find inspiration in visual history, and for those who are fascinated in the lives of those who lived years ago, Rembrandt delights the soul of ones curiousity and imagination. Monet, who draws you into a world of beauty, dreams of spring picnics, surrounded by natures best. Van Gogh, and his movements, as if painting while dreaming. Picasso, which appeals to the pride of those who love to be different. Who love to think outside of the "natural".  All unique, all appealing to a persons heart and interests. A wall can reveal your whole personality and outlook on life. A painting can be an investment of joy, to be treasured for generations.

Thomas Kinkaid, a modern day artist, well known, why is he so loved? People are dreaming of different surroundings, of better beauty. To see comfort, quaint, beauty in a sea of warm color and seclusion, enables you to dream.

Where does your heart draw you? Do you allow your eyes to manifest your heart?  Art is an investment of unending personal satisfaction. Fill your walls with true art, representing you, and representing the heart of a man or woman poured out on a canvas, and fill your walls with meaning. Connecting to the inspiration of another and sharing it for years to come is a blessing to a household.

Few people walk into a home that is full of dreams, desires, and unique beauty. It is a lucky few, who understand and own the pleasures of a painting.

My husband speaks to my heart. And i am the lucky few to have a home full of beautiful expressions of my passions on my wall.


  1. SWOON!

    Someone help me up...I've just passed out from total satisfaction. I love the boat painting - heck, I love them all.



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