Thursday, September 23, 2010


Good morning Friends!

Post #1 of the day... Though I must warn you, I have found myself in the mood to write, thus I have numbered this post, to prepare my readers for more.

 News beacon!!!!!~~~

We have gift certificates! ALL in preparation for Christmas! If you're anything like me, you'll wait until last minute for any Christmas shopping, and pull your hair out Christmas Eve struggling to find that unique gift for someone you love. I always end up either going with a gift card, or finding myself embarassed handing out a generic gift... But this year, what about art???  Some may not be prepared for an entire painting, but there are SO many other options! How about a personalized sketch? You can even keep the digital image of your sketch, to reproduce your your own personalized greeting cards. SO MANY unique gifts, and all in a small certificate. This kind of gift certificate is FAR from generic I must say!

Anyway, sharing out exciting news with you my friends, spread the word for me! And enjoy some sketches!
A girl at a wedding Jonathan was photographing


Our friend Jenny

Jonathan's named him the Climber
he's forgotten his name =)

Joe Caldwell

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  1. Congrats on you great new blog, Sarah & Johnathon!
    Very accomplished artwork and great writing!
    God Bless


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