Monday, September 20, 2010

Take Off You Shoes, and Dive Right In!

Dive right into a world of inspiration!
Every weekend, Jonathan and I do our best to find what "fills" us. We employ ourselfs daily with creative tasks, that will drain the imaginative mind unless you find a frequent avenue to re-fill.

Our re-fueling:
Long, outdoor explorations. This means a hike, a long walk, a lot of pictures, and great conversation. Every nook and cranny of your town is filled with small, unknown adventures, waiting to be taken advantage of. Bend a couple rules, try something new, don't ever assume you won't enjoy it!
My lastest adventure consisted of breaking rules, as we walked down a blocked, deserted road, over grown with moss, and covered with leaves, the sign said "Do Not Enter", and for selfish reasons obviously!

At the end of the road, it led us to the river, and there we climbed the rocks, and enjoyed the sound of the wind in the trees, and the water rushing by. This season will soon be over, and the wet chill of winter will set in. Enjoy your streams and the last hints of summers past while you can!

So choose today, to be inspired with the simple pleasures of what surrounds you.

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  1. Sarah!

    You know I raised you to follow the rules!




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