Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things to be Thankful For

A small bit about my life!  I have a twin sister, and two younger brothers, I have grown up surrounded by my Grandparents, aunts and uncles. Family means a lot to us, in fact, it's that special group of people that will ALWAYS remain tied to you. This Thanksgiving, I will, like every year, unite with my family to share in a meal. But this year will be a little different! I will be adding my dearest friend and companion, my husband. This makes Thanksgiving all the more reason to be thankful! Also, we will be missing my brother Josiah's company, since he is in training to be a US Marine. Something to be proud of for sure, but he will be profoundly missed.
I have been looking back at my life, and seen, that my family has never been found begging bread. Every hard time, God has seen  us through to the end. We have never been faced with hard situations that God hasn't extended his grace towards us and seen it to it's end. We have been blessed!

Meet my  family!

My Father- Tim Atchley

My Mother- Sheila Atchley

My wonderful grandparents, who make an effort to see me EVERY week! I love them.

My cousin Erica, we grew up together, sisters are more like it!

Me and my sister Hannah [a couple years ago]

My uncle Bill and Aunt Lynn [a source of strong support to us]

Jonathan and my little brother Isaac

Me and my brother [future Marine] Josiah

of course my hubby and I!

Granddaddy with my Uncle Matthew

#24 Future NBA star, Isaac Atchley

Monday, November 15, 2010

THE APPLE OF MY EYE (from Jonathan Howe)

Love is a precious gift. 

There is nothing grreater in life than the gift of being loved and giving love in return. I will never forget when love caught my eye. I have never been the same. She came unexpected and I new there was something altogether lovely and beautiful about her. It was her radiant smile her cute since of humor, her inescapable attractiveness that made me fall. In love there is life, there is joy, there is peace, there is breathless anticipation of adventure. There she was. Sitting in the front row in class she twirling her flip-flop on the floor under the table with her toes. There was something magical about it. With her pencil she played with the curls of her hair. Was it her hair that caught my eye, was it her innocent smile that made me dream of love, or was it her, the gift of love, 
my wife. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Now, Jonathan has enthusiastically exclaimed that HE will be a guest poster in regards to this finished painting, but since he is SO busy painting.. I will go ahead and share....

You have seen this painting in progress. It is now finished and hanging in the Tomato Head Restaurant!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Call to the Interior Designer

Attention All Designers!!!

What is our current business venture? To pursue the interior design industry. Why? Because for those who are specifically pursuing a new home design, true art is a priceless addition. And it is highly sought after as well! Here in Tennessee, there aren't many artists who's work show so much detail. The unfortunate truth is: MOST "original" paintings are by the hands of SOMEONE in China... no one knows who... no one knows their story... no one knows what inspired them. MUCH LESS will they ever meet or have the opportunity to speak with the mystery artist.

The wonderful reality of a true art investment from an American artist, and from Jonathan in particular, is HE HAS  a story... well not A story, but STORIES. Every painting has a story, and an inspiration, every painting has a purpose. This is what people are looking for: DEPTH. A reason to pursue real art. Stories hanging within their homes, lining their walls, penetrating their lives. Sadly, not many "China" paintings will offer such intimacy. And it definitely doesn't offer any real reason to treasure the painting they've spent so much money on. Jonathan's art gives pride to the owner.
Art is a heritage, to be passed down.
A designer who offers that with their work is a priceless investment, and a high commodity.

Jonathan and I are not designers. We cannot do produce the full effect of such beauty. It is up to the GIFTED, and we want to be your resource.

Come and visit the website, and then lets talk!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Want Some Food With That Art?

Saturday, Jonathan and I set up some of his paintings (13 of them to be exact) inside the well-loved Tomato Head Restaurant. This restaurant comes with all the eclectic excitement the adventure thirsty might be looking for. In the center of Downtown Knoxville, on Market Square. This is the center for excitement, the urban businesses in old time buildings, the live music surrounding you by either the concert events or many musicians on the street. You have art trades, food markets, plays, movies, food and fun.

So, if you're in town, drop by! Enjoy some delicious pizza, and the art of Jonathan Howe!

Friday, November 5, 2010

From my Mother's blog

Read this yesterday and HAD to share it. Such a beautiful statement. You can see it at aseasonofharverst.blogspot.com

This home is dedicated to good will. It grew out of love. The two heads of household were called together by a power higher than they. To it’s decree they are obedient. Every tone of voice, every thought of being is subdued to that service. They desire to be worthy of their high calling, as ministers of that grace.

They know their peace will go unbroken only for a little time. And often they suspect that the time will be more short than even their anxious hope. They cannot permit so much as one hour of that brief unity to be touched by scorn or malice. The world's judgements have lost their sting inside this door.

Those who come seeking to continue the harmony which these two have won are ever welcome. The rich are welcome, so they come simply.

The poor are welcome, for they have already learned friendliness through buffeting. Youth is welcome, for it brings the joy which these two would learn. Age is welcome for it will teach them tenderness.”

Anon, 1919.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Artist's Hidden Talent

Another one of my husband's modest secrets, that few would know, is that for eight years, Jonathan worked for a man named John Wilbourn, a master carpenter. They have done numbers of exquisite, exclusive, unique works such as, marble tile floors, carved mantles [one which is the head of a lion, that encompasses the entire furnace, I will find a picture someday to show you!], marble fountains, and carved doors. I did some sneaking in my husbands photo archive and found one of the doors he carved!

And then, I found a couple paintings one he did, one for my sister's new home, the other just a quick casual painting of the moon rising over the lake at my aunts lake house.

I found some more treasures, I will try to keep from sharing all of them at once!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lion and the Lamb

Now, Jonathan has painted these two beautiful paintings quite a while ago, but few have ever seen them, because they were for a church here in Knoxville! They adorn the inside sanctuary on either wall, and the pastor's wife LOVES them.


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