Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Baby Girl"

Today I enjoyed a peaceful evening with my mother and my sister. We decided for a moment, to throw responsibilities to the wind, and  watch as many cheesy chic flicks as we could sneak in.

But despite the loud giggles from all us girls, there was another little girl in our dining room pitching a feisty little fit!
"Baby Girl", my sister's beautiful, blue Parrotlet.

She was determined to let us know that she had a right to be enjoying the laughs with us. In fact, when she realizes her desires are being ignored, she resorts to ringing her bell, and she rings in incessantly, despite her own distaste for the noise.

If your not a little puppy/kitty kind of a person, perhaps a little "Baby Girl" is a sweet option.
Parrotlets are low in maintenace, (besides the fact that they will devour all the attention that you will give them). They are FULL of personality; small decendants from Parrots, they will mimick much like a larger parrot would.

Baby Girl will play with you, talk to you, sing to you, kiss you, snuggle you, eat off of your plate, she will type on your computer, and dial your phone if you're brave enough to let her.
She loves to dance!

Baby Girl has many brothers and sisters out there, all hand raised, full of their own personality, and in many beautiful colors. They eat fruits, veggies, eggs and meats, along with pellet food specific to their nutrition needs.

Baby Girl is going to be in the family for a nice long 20 years at least!

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