Monday, March 14, 2011

Smokey Mountain National Park (2)

Cades Cove.... an 11 loop through the Smokeys.  Somehow, you can drive this loop 100 times, and still see a totally new sight every time.

We returned last night with friends, just to walk at night... Not to see the mountains, but to hear them, and to soak up the stars. It was a gorgeous night!

Here are some more pictures of our daytime trip.... I would capture the night for you, if only it were possible!

A beautiful marsh area. This area is fenced off to keep the wild hogs out, but Jonathan found a little spot to climb over.

My favorite kind of fence!

This is the Lawson Cabin... Unique due to it's brick chimney. This was built by Peter Lawson, for he and his new bride! What a romantic huh?! Building a home with a "state of the art" brick chimney! He went all out for his woman.
This is a little "river" that developed in the middle of a field after a week of hard rains.

Grazing contentedly. Jonathan and I were able to walk up quite close to them, they didn't seem to mind the company.
The road less traveled by! We began a cut-through route home, that took us down a one-way gravel road.

A beautiful little waterfall, we drove through the waters path.

This the little Methodist Church I posted the last blog, tucked away in such a huge mountain scape! I love to imagine the wagons full of pioneers, and foot travelers on a Sunday morning.

I don't know what this little stone building used to be.  It now sits lonely and condemned. I love the moss on the roof!


On the route home, we decided to explore some back roads. Now.... Here's to Tennessee living!


old trucks...

classic cars, and mobile homes...

and beautiful sunsets!

Me and hubby say hello!And may you find rich blessings this spring!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing more pictures of your time in Cades Cove! :-)

  2. I love this Sarah. It's picturesque and imaginative. Jonathan should paint the old cars ;) lol... just crop out the mobile homes.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Jonathan has MANY painting ideas from this trip... infact! He is working on one now!


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