Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smokey Mountain National Park

The lovely reality of living in East Tennessee is, we are short drive to the beautiful Smokey Mountain National Park. It was such a lovely Saturday, high 60s with a warm breeze, and surrounded by the hints of spring.

My goal this trip: search out any and all sings of spring. Lord knows how desperate all of us has become this year for some warmth and beauty!

You can see, new grass growth in the fields, and snow still laying on the mountain tops.

We took a stroll deep into a field, just so that I could find these pretty Daffodils. Where you see these planted, there was formerly a home in all likely hood.

We even had an unlikely visitor during our field jaunt! My coyote decided that instead of his daytime dreaming, he'd give me some camera time.

He found us a little less than interesting.

Cade’s Cove Methodist Church
In 1902 carpenter/pastor, John D. McCampbell built the pretty white frame structure which became the Cades Cove Methodist church. The buildings two front door design was common in the 1800's in the Smokies and elsewhere. Generally a two front door design allowed men to enter and sit on one side of the chapel and women and children on the other. Some churches even had a divider in the middle of the chapel. However, the Cades Cove's Methodist congregation was more relaxed and sat where they pleased. This is much like Tennessee huh?! Here to enjoy the ride, less interested in trite rituals which diminish life's pleasure. I personally enjoy picking on my hubby as he sits next to me during the service.

It's like my Granddaddy put it this morning, when he's down and out, he's ready to announce that he's ready for a mountain pick-me-up. And that just what I was looking for yesterday.


Color in the midst of brown, deadness.

Really, nothing says , "hope", and "new beginnings" like a fresh, new flower. Don't they seem so happy soaking in the sun!

This is the famous Becky Cable house, an industrious woman in the Smokeys, who ran a boarding home, farm, mill, and her brothers children when his wife became ill.

Simplicity inspires so much of design today. And I can see why! This just screams of simple pleasure. Who needs clutter when you are surrounded by work and beauty?

This is the backroom in the house. LOVE this fireplace!


The mill! unfortunately the water wheel was stopped, it makes such a serene sound.

Yesterdays Fords ;)

There are more photos!  Many more! But I can't share them all in one day. Come back to visit, I will show you the Lawson place, and some more of the beautiful Smokey Mountain National Park..

Later.... some paintings too.


  1. So love finding these kinds of beautiful places to enjoy! You do live in a gorgeous part of this country. We love it there. Thank you for the fabulous tour & share.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  2. Thank you Marydon! So glad that you enjoyed! I have SO many pictures, it is hard to choose which to share. All SO beautiful.

  3. Love this Sarah! My hands down favorite season is Spring! This post makes my heart sing! Thanks for sharing! Love you!


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