Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who is the Risk Taker

It is not my intention to be oober spiritual today. But if I do, ya'll must know that a testimony is a testimony, and it's going to preach whether you try to or not! Today I read two wonderful blogs, The Nester  and Constant in Chaos, both with a common theme: "Taking Risks", both had wonderful insights to share. What is a risk to some, may not be to others.

But my question is, do we, as Christians EVER take risks?

God calls us to step out, to do what would seem impossible; to say what would seem to be crazy; and to believe what would seem to be absurd.

Here's the definition of risk:

  • hazard: a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune;

  • a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury;

  • expose to a chance of loss or damage;

  • the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred

  • gamble: take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome;

  • But here is the contradiction:

    "We walk by faith, not by sight" -2 Corinthians 5:7
    "Fath is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." -Hebrews 11:1
    "And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

    The contradiction lies, in that, if we walk by faith, we are pursuing a promise, not simply an ideal. There is no risk when we step out in obedience to something God has called us to, rather, the risk lies in not doing.

    Am I a risk taker? NO!

    I am a 23 year old, married only 1 year, who has chosen to obey God, and with her husband, venture into the world of the self-employed. We are pursuing art as a business in a broken economy, with no business education. We are leading youth groups overseas (with no promise of income). We never studied, waited, saved in case of a loss, when God said "go" we went.

    We are anti-risk taking/faith walking people.

    We walk by faith, not by sight. We do the hard things, we make the tough decisions, we see miracles, see God's abundant favor, we are blessed!
    So when people would say, "Isn't that a big risk",  I would say, "No! It's too risky not to obey!". In truth, I doubt that any of us, as Christians are EVER called to take risks.

    Isn't God good?!

    Be blessed!


    1. Believing what we can not see... faith! Beautiful post Sarah. Nice to meet you through the 'risk' party! :)

    2. Thank you very much Jennifer! And thank you for "following"! I am stopping by to visit you, see you soon.

    3. Sarah, I really loved this post! Really, it's wonderful! You heart really shined in it and I'm so glad you told me about it. Sorry it took me so long to read it. it's been a crazy day! :) Love!


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